Friday, March 20, 2009

From Kodiang To Nilai

I was born 37 years ago in a small town named Kodiang. It has the best scenery I can ever imagine. With mountains and hills standing so beautiful as the town background, while the river and padi fields lay side by side harmonizing the landscape. The view from my house has the best scenery of all as it is built beside a river, with padi fields laying in my backyard, an a sturdy limestone hill named “Keplu” decorating the horizon.

My parents were teachers and I have a brother and 3 sisters. We are a heavyweight family since we are all big in size. Mak was a good cook and Abah liked bringing us out for good meals. Abah will drive his gigantic “Ford Cortina L”, and we will all squeeze in the car like canned sardines. Most of the time, Kak Norma (my eldest sister) will be left home. So sorry for her!

That was of course when we were young. As we got older, the old car could no longer accommodate us and soon I was also left behind with Kak Norma to look after the house. Being left at behind most of the time has turned me into who I am now, a man who values his privacy!

It was then I noticed that I had a flair in arts and painting. My first sketch was a Looney tune cartoon “Tom and Jerry” at the age of 4 and my mother quickly dismissed my talent by saying that it was my brother’s (never in my life have I seen my brother sketch anything!).

Having my own room and the time helped me to polish up my skills and techniques. “From Kodiang to Nilai” is actually my lifelong collection of my paintings and arts. All the art are uniquely created and they tell their own stories. So much to tell and so little time left!



maslina said...

Adiq..u reminded me of mak and a bunch of plastic tulips she used to decorate a corner in the living room..i have not seen the tulips anymore coz i assume our sisters' 'spring cleaning' has put the flowers out of our sight...i miss mak too adiq..a few years with her really taught me of ' a mother's hope...' ...i never forget her in my prayers..never ever adiq..

Abang Sejuk said...

who said i never sketch anything? i didn't get two strokes of rotan for nothing....'murals' on the wall it

Amir Hazree said...

heheehe....that answered my confusion all these years!No wonder Mak said it was your sketches.....(btw, the sketches was horible!!!).