Monday, April 27, 2009


Hahahahaha!!! As expected, I can’t sing anymore! No more angin….semput…by the way, contestants that night really gave their best shot. Semua kira dah macam artist lah…Malam tu judges were Hattan, Izwan Pilus and En.Hamzah (Senior RTM musician).My position tak ler teruk sangat. Dari 12 contestant, dapat no.5 jer! Maybe sebab aku tukar lagu last minute. I belted out a Lionel Richie song, 'Truly'. Hattan cakap my low tone is so beautiful, so did Izwan and En.Hamzah gave kind a weird remark to my vocal. Dia kata my voice is "Manja".... Izwan cakap yang dia suka the way I sang, kinda jazzy + R&B. Tapi aku puas hati sebab event berjalan seperti yang dirancang.
Dalam ramai-ramai contestant tu aku kagum dengan seorang budak ni. He can really sing. Singing his heart out a number from a local group “AMUK”, he made everyone went crazy. Unfortunately he did not win a title. Too bad! It’s okay BoB! You are still young, banyak lagi masa untuk bakat awak berkembang. And for my self, it will be a full stop to my singing career and I shall concentrate on my song composition and lyrics writing.

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